Hi guys,
I was reading the latest release of the monthly ezine at daemonnews:

Reading the book review of the latest FreeBSD's book, my attention was captured by a reference to a RFC document ( rfc2606, precisely ).
The content of it can be downloaded here:
( don't worry they are just few pages, 5 precisely )

One of the most interesting part of that memo is that it gives a list of Second Level Domain Names that can be used for testing and that can be used in the examples, they are:


Try typing www.example.com and you will see a nice page with a little explanation and a link to the document I named before.

The aim of this post is to launch a request for collaboration from you guys.
In fact I invite you all to follow that memo and in particular to use inside our examples those domain names instead of domain.com, mydomain.com or mytest.net that are real domains.
So, basically, mine is a gentle invite to you all and me in first place to follow that memo when using some domains name as example in our posts.

A real world example could help you to understand:

I need to redirect subdomain.example.com to www.example.com/subdomain/
etc etc

:-) Andrea