I am using Macromedia Flash MX and I have 20 scenes created. Every scene has Next and Back button in order to navigate to any desired scene.

I am using the following sintax for Next button:
on (release) {
gotoAndPlay("SceneName", "frame_lable");

Where "SceneName" is the name of the next scene I need to go to, and
"frame_lable" is the name of the frame the scene should start to play from.

When I test movie my Next button works perfectly up to 18 scenes, and then when I click Next button the movie goes to scene #19 and stops at the "frame_lable".

This is really strange because it should not stop as I'm using gotoAndPlay command. I checked spelling of the SceneName and frame_lable, they are spelled correctly.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?