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    I have jusy downloaded some info and I went to open up the file. I got a message telling me I needed to select how I wanted to read it. I selected the first option on my list: Adobe acrobat. I got a message back saying that this was not a PDF format. OK, so how do I change the format I would like to read it in? Because evertime I try ( and I re-downloaded) it automatically defaults to Adobe Acrobat. How can I change this?


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    Well if it has a *.DOC extension, making it a Word Document, you can open Word or WordPad and then open the file. If it isn't then you have to edit the extension in Windows Explorer.

    Open Explorer and on the View menu choose either Options (Windows 95/NT 4.0) or Folder Options (98, Me, 2000).

    On the "File Types" tab you will find a listing of all the registered types on your machine. First check Adobe Acrobat and remove the problem extension. If it isn't listed look for the extension in the list.
    Wayne Luke


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