Yep, defeated here in Cali too (unless that is where you are from then errr... just yep).

Also I don't think kids are getting dumber. In fact, 3rd graders today are taugh things that I didn't even come close to having to know in 3rd grade. Every year the standards (what the kids are required to know for each grade level), are dropped down. I often find things that were in the 4th and 5th grade columns in MY column now.

Times have changed and while my father was virtually guarenteed a job if he were to comlete college, this just isn't the case anymore. I do feel that education hasn't kept up with changing technology, and isn't nearly as interesting as nintendo. Kids today are bombarded with high, fast visuals on t.v. and with video games, and school doesn't quite compete with that as far as attention span goes.

Stupid parents is stupid kids, as Forest Gump says... these children aren't given the same drive to excel due to uneducated parents (in my district), or working parents that have less time. Days of mom staying home and helping the kids with their homework are long gone.