Its been a question that has me thinking overtime. I am a web designer/developer. Not a awesome one. I don't have a magical photoshop designing skills, jQuery skills for wow factor or good html, css or php but i get job done.I might say i maybe good in wordpress but that too to some extend as i know where i what. I think its been a total 6 years and i have worked on many websites and from full time job to full time freelancer. yet i am confused.
With knowledge of designing and developing. I am not good at any and i keep on juggling between both. I can't decide what i want. CSS and HTML i love because CSS totally changes the layout. its like a paint on canvas for me. CMS like WP,Magento or PHP or MySql are interest to me as they bull Data and store Data etc. I am totally confused as i am not good at anything (though in css i am). I wanted to ask, how to asses yourself and find out what inspires you.
p.s - i go over so much over something to get it. sometimes i don't and that make me think. maybe I.T isn't my thing.