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    i'm a web intern for this company and i haven't been in the business for to long so go easy on me

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    Just a couple comments. 1) You may want to use a transparent gif for your logo if you plan on using a background image. 2) You may want to change the 'up' link to 'back', it's easier to navigate. In FP, click Tools > Web Settings > Navigation.
    Smart Web Solutions for Smart Clients

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    there is a lot of information here.

    pimarily, work the product and secondarily, the city and area.

    We sell containers, these are the industrial areas we serve and these are the induatry specs we meet in each of those areas.

    folks want a tank that won't give them any epa or fda or any other regulatory grief. yes, thats PSI, we meet the spec!!!!

    got another requirement for a special tank, let PSI do the job. The following 3, 5, 8 pages show our products with the specifications provided and the standards met.

    for the current design.

    1) continue the right hand td to the bottom to include the menu so it does not look out of place. then close the td, tr and table.

    2) when showing a graphic alone in a horizontal space, center it.

    i would suggest a really nice graphic for the home page, nothing exotic, the objective is to let buyers know they are in the right place and that tank on the multibed semi,although most dramatic, would not be a common item. in fact, is there another company that could make such a tank?

    i have thought of this since i wrote the review and it seems that the range of product is both broad, in the variety of industries served, and limited to tanks.

    so how about a grouping of tanks in the upper left with representative tanks serving various industries, larger in the back to smaller near the front.

    then use each of the tanks in a lead in to each of the areas. ie food handling. then showcase the capability in food handling.

    etc. etc.

    here is what i want to say. focus first on the company product and the benefit of using that product.

    then ask others to consider joining the company.

    then invite everyone to come see the product, process, plant and oh, yeah Springfield, Branson and Lake of the Ozarks.

    List of users, satisfied customers? What industry conventions in the next 12 months?

    Many of the items i have covered are really in the Web Design forum, found on this site. If you encounter any problems whether you choose to proceed with any of these suggestions or not, we are here to help you.

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