It occurs to me, that for some applications, it is more sensible to have the colums be rows and and vice versa.

NAME    ray              roni           bushy        havoc       bowtie
DESC paragraph   paragraph   paragraph    paragraph paragraph
COST     $                  $               $                 $              $
note that the TH product would be implied only ( not in the actual mark up, the same way ROW is implied on regular tables)

I am almost certain there is no CSS solution ( tho that would be best ) in which to reverse the ways columns and rows are displayed.

I also know that I could use<TH> instead of <TD> and the scope attribute on the first cell of every row but something seems clumsy about it, if only because I cant group all the THs in a THEAD.

EDIT: I should have added that I am looking to do this while maintaining the table element properties ( dynamic equal= heights, widths )

Am I being too particular? I just wanted some insights about how others handle this situation