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    Question Hi, please help beginner with questions


    Can someone please help me with a few questions. I'm pretty new in using flash mx and was wondering if someone could please help solve some of these dillemmas:

    1) I have a main swf file and an external swf file. How do I load the external swf into a specific frame in the main swf?

    2) How do I set an external swf as the background for another movie?

    3) Is it possible to load several external swf files onto a single frame and if so, how would I load them into a certain area of that frame?

    4) Is there a way to create a text button that will allow me to go to a certain frame in the movie?

    5) Are there any tutorials for creating a message board in Flash MX?

    Thank you for your help! Hopefully I didn't ask too much at once.

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    1. you don't load movies into frames per se.. what you can do is load movies into levels or replace movie clips within a .swf with another .swf... check out the documentation on the loadMovie() and loadMovieNum() functions

    2. you can't literally, but there are ways of getting around it

    3. see above.. and if by certain areas in a frame you mean the physical position of the movieclip, you can play around with the _x and _y properties to get what you're looking for

    4. yes.. the simplest way to do this would be to create a text box, convert it into a button symbol, select it and open the actions window and type:
    on (release) {
       gotoAndStop(frame); // replace frame with the number of the frame
    5. there are, i believe, though i can't think of any off the top of my head... have a look around the tutorials section in flashkit, there may be some there

    let me know if you need further explanation on anything

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