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    pass values between popup and main window


    I'm making a php application where details on some data can being "choosed" from a popup window.
    On clicking a link, the popup opens with a result set. The user can click on the needed row and a variable is being passed on to the main window. The form in the main window is being submitted so details are being filled in with help of the passed variable.

    [Main window]
    this opens my popup:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var OpenSubX = (screen.width/2)-275;
    var OpenSubY = (screen.height/2)-150;
    var pos = "left="+OpenSubX+",top="+OpenSubY;
    function OpenSub(){
    OpenSub1Window ="not.php?notid=<?=$notid?>","not","width=550,height=300,"+pos);
    ... opened with <a href="javascript:OpenSub()">this</a>

    [Popup window (not.php)]
    this transfers the value:

    ]<script type="text/javascript">
    function SubForm(i)
    ... being transfered with <input type="button" ... onClick="javascript:SubForm(<?=$i?>)" ...>

    It works perfect without the "i"s in the last function (as with just one row in the result set on the popup window).
    I added the "i" because a result list has more rows than one. So every row has its own mini-form with a button, a hidden notid-value and name "i"...

    On clicking a button in the result list, the value is being transfered correctly to the main window, it is being refreshed with the submit and the popup is being closed.

    But when I click on any link or button in the main window, nothing happens anymore.
    I've deleted the window.close-line of the function, but still no links/buttons are working after submitting the main form by the function...

    Can anyone helps me with what's happening here?
    Is there a better way in doing these things?

    Thank you very much for any suggestions!

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