Hiya all..I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place,I couldn't work out where to put it-Mr or Mrs admin,please move it if necessary!!

Hello all..I have a really niggly problem on my Wordpress site that I am damned if I can fix.I've tried posting in WP forums but got no answer,or none of the answers I did get worked.
Here goes-

I built my WP site (theme of Shiword),it's based on 5 or six pages and one blog page in which the posts go.
I really didn't like the titles appearing on the pages,so I used a plugin called Hide Title.Unfortunately this removed the titles on the blog too,and it looks wrong and messy.

I uninstalled the plug-in,with the hope that then the titles would be there again,but they are not.Could the plug-in have actually deleted the title code?I've tried activating a different theme,deleting Shiword and re-installing it,but I still have the same problem.

If anyone can give me the code to put this back in or has any suggestions as to how I can remedy this,I'd be more than grateful.

It can be seen at www.mr-woggle.co.uk

Sorry again if this is in the wrong place.