Hi there,

I have been a developer for a number of years and have tried to keep my hand in as many of the relevant technologies as possible. One that I did put some time into was using the Adobe Flash Environment , which I found very useful because of its animation power.

I am an experienced jQuery developer and I use it for most animation based things but every time that I need something a bit more movie-like I use flash due to its features such as motion tween and shape tween.

I am only just taking the time to explore html5 and my question is about how to create html5 animation applications like the Google Doodles in pure html5.

What is the environment that is being used to do this? Surely people are using some sort of timeline based editor rather than coding all of it?

I would prefer to continue using an Adobe environment because as anyone who used Flash knows, it has most of the same hotkeys and tools as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Does Adobe have a tool release current or planned? Or is there something else I should be learning?