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    time related animation

    I am working on a 5 min short video animation which should look like rain fall. The main way of how it should be build is that it starts from nothing, after 1/2 min the first drops start, then continously the drops get more until it peaks at minute 2.5 and then decreases again until minute 5.

    Is there a way of scripting the time related action and also the increasing and then decreasing amount of rain drops (some way of a counter or i don't know)? each rain drop represents a movieclip so it should work with the duplicate movieclip function - but maybe there is a different way of doing it??? Or is there any other way of doing it except frame to frame animation?

    please, please help - it's really urgent and i don't know what to do!


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    Well, you could just use... um, I forget what it's called but there's a function that'll return the current time and then you can call it again and subtract to find out how much time has elapsed and do stuff based on that. Check the flash documentation for the name of the function. If you want things to happen at an interval, say every 30 seconds, then use the setInterval function and a counter variable. Again, the flash documentation is very useful here.
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