I would like to have a way to update my data in a table with input box where I could enter the new value and it would update it as I hit submit at the end.
Like I have that table for exemple
|---#---|-Card--|-Quantity-|-Update Qty----|
|-1/114-|-Snivy-|----2-----|-input field here-|
|-2/114-|-Snivy-|----2-----|-input field here-|
at the footer have a submit button in the end of Update Qty column. So if I input 4 in the input field at row 1 and submit it refresh the page with the 1/114 card Snivy quantity showing "4" instead of the old value "2".

I am not good at all with javascript,I mean I cant write javascript code myself.And I would like to NOT turn to PHP for that functionnality I want in my project.
I've read a bit on the web about javascript and after reading it can write in the document or exchange text with another one, I thought that with the use of html form maybe there would be a way to use such script to update my Quantity in the table.