I'm having a problem with auto_increment fields in a database, new entries are given a stupidly high value.

I.E. The entries jump from 28 (entered on the old server) to 2147483647 on the new server

As far as I can tell the new rows being sent to the database have the value 'null' for the user_id (auto_increment) coloum, and all I have really done to the table is delete a few rows and change the value of one of the rows user_id (auto_increment) coloum manually - none of this has ever caused me a problem before, so I am pretty much stumped on why this is happening.

phpMyAdmin is telling me that the next value for the Autoindex will be 2,147,483,647 which seems a little odd to me considering the table has 26 rows.

Sorry if I havn't been clear / posted all the info - but its late and am suffering from lack of sleep