I currently own a website that I inherited from the original owner/programmer. Its a free image/file hosting site written in php/mysql. The original owner was running on a windows box and used a proprietary server to download the files. Low and behold, I take it over and put it on a linux box, and it is riff full of security issues and such that once I finish plugging, has required me to turn off all uploads until I can find or code a suitable replacement.

I'd rather NOT code the whole thing. And repairing the existing code? Wow. Not even sure I want to attempt it.

So I am looking for an image/file hosting script. Needs to be PHP/MySQL based. Users need to be able to create galleries to sort their files (uncategoried files are ok too).

I've been looking and looking (and yes, searched the forums) and havent found anything yet that fits my exact needs or that doesnt have exploits available.

I've found two that seem to meet me most of the way:

Imagetize.com - $127 including brand removal. These people are having issues responding to my pre-sales questions and they have shut down their forums. Not very warm-fuzzy feelings over here.

Yabsoft AIHS - $99 for the PRO version. Issues are I see exploits available in google for the current version on their website, and no idea how long since last active update.

I would like to be able to limit bandwidth, like yabsoft does. And offering some sort of premium plans would be nice. Something in active development would be nice. Forum integration would be wonderful. I ditched the login system of the current site and tied it into mybb, which works great.

My current site is host file (dot) org, if you want to take a peek. I'd like to take this homegrown site to the next level, and possibly a little monetization, as well.

Open to any and all suggestions. Right now I'm leaning towards buying yabsoft aihs pro and then custom-coding the rest.