Hi all,

We have a vBulletin installation. We are not and never have used SSL for it.

We have recently outsourced all our merchant account activities and have no real need of SSL on the site anymore, so we let the certificate expire.

On my phone (Android) and tablet (Kindle, which is kind of a boogered Android OS), I get the error that the certificate is "not from a trusted authority." Note: NOT that it is expired, which it did yesterday. But that it isn't from a trusted authority.

I've checked bloody everywhere for anything that could be coming from https links: style sheets, images, everything. I can't find a single thing.

I have cleared the cache, history, and cookies on both devices.

I have checked in both the default browser that came on the phone and with dolphin. Also, Silk on the Kindle. It does not seem to be browser-specific.

Any ideas here? We have about 40% of users coming in on a mobile device of some sort, and I don't want them to get an error message and it just confuses me that it's even the WRONG error message.

Thanks for any thoughts you have or troubleshooting strategies. Appreciate it!