Hey Gang,

While checking the sites that link to me on Google a few days ago (i.e. link:mydomain.com)I ran across quite a few pages from thedevweb.com that were linked to me. There's nothing special about that because I know that site links to me. However, what was special is that Google was showing ASP pages in the index with a ? in the URL.

I then did some checking and found several other pages linking to me with a ? in the URL.

At first I thought that perhaps this was a fact about Google that had just slipped by me. But while surfing through another discussion forum today (oh the horror! LOL) I saw where someone else was reporting the same thing!

So, is this a fluke? Did I miss the train on this one? Or is Google now crawling dynamic pages and recording them?

If you want to see the ASP pages in the index, just surf over to google and type in.