This thread is about Adsense and improving Adsense revenue from a blog or website. I saw a few threads about member wondering which the best ad unit is/about placement; also talked to a few forum members here at Sitepoint and from other forums, who use Adsense, about what works best for them, when it comes to optimising Adsense revenue.

Here is a detailed, researched post about what works. Have also been testing on my Adsense account for over 2-3 months now, but the biggest boost in CTR has always been with relation to either the location of the ad unit or ad colours. Google has also officially announced that its cool with A/B Testing, which is again a good thing for people who previously were not sure, if they can change the ad code, which is otherwise a policy violation.

What are you view about the points I covered and in general about optimizing Adsense ads on your site? What is that one thing which has worked for you?