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    Tutorials for the absolute beginner -> master

    First off, hope I'm not breaking any rules here, these are tutorials I've written, if linking to them on my site from here is a no, then I'll happily paste the entire articles in here. Just let me know :)

    Anyway, the background story is I've been working on an IRC gateway for the past week or so and although I thought I was pretty handy with PHP before, I've learned absolutely *tons*. I've basically been working non stop on this script, staying up all night and until the sun is high in the sky kind of thing, but it's been great, I enjoy this stuff and look at it as much a form of relaxation and a hobby as I do "work". So, long story short, I got the script to a point where I was really happy with it, it was working far better than I though it would be at that point in time so I took a break. The day previous to this, I'd promised a friend I'd write him a simple counter and so I thought "I might as well take it easy for a while, writing a counter's not hard so I'll just do that and go to bed" - then for some reason I decided to write a set of tutorials instead, where the first one would start v. slow and crescendo in the creation of a counter.

    It didn't quite work out like that though, and before I knew it, my first tutorial was taking up about 10k of disk space and I'd only covered the absolute basics, so I capped it off where I could and moved onto the second tutorial - which does cover the creation of a simple counter, and then went for the hat-trick, with a third article covering a really non-useful (but handy for learning) anti-leech script, incorporating conditionals, an intro to regular expressions, and some other nice stuff.

    So here I am, with the first three of what will hopefully turn out to be many many tutorials, building people up from utter newbies to near godlike programmers (or something :))

    In all honesty, I think my grammar and sentence structure could use a lot of work (poor excuse I know but - I'm a programmer! English is like my 6th language, after C, PHP, VB etc :D) and I think as a result of this they can be a bit confusing at points (I bounce around all over the place at one point, trying to explain something simple, then having to explain its component parts, then their component parts etc). With all that said though, it's hard to look at your own work like this with a completely non-biased opinion, frankly I don't think I could ever be completely satisfied with anything I write, which I guess in its own way is a good character trait :)

    Anyway, I've rambled on for far too long, newbies, get clickin' :D

    tutorial 1
    tutorial 2
    tutorial 3

    As I said, if it's bad form to post links to these, I have no problem with posting the entire article bodies, they are pretty gigantic though (and I use a tiny font on my site :))

    Comments (good or bad) are always appreciated, I'll be working to get some more tutorials finished over the next couple of days.

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    Those are some pretty good tutorials, Good job


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