I finally found an inline content editor for WP that is easy to implement without major issues. It's called NicEdit found here:


I would have preferred JEditable's inline editor. However, no matter what I did, it just refused to work (I couldn't even get the text clickable or change from static to editable - ridiculous!). I obviously was doing something wrong and probably something really small, but I'm done with it now.

Anyway, NicEdit is quite sufficient for frontend inline editing on a WP site. And, easy as heck to implement. The only issue that I have is the editable fields are showing to any and everyone who comes to the site. This may have been the purpose of the inline editor, but I only want users who are logged in to be able to make changes to the fields I've designated.

Would anyone know how I would go about doing this or what words to use to find a solution using the search engines? Is there a small snippet of code that I need to wrap about the fields that I designated as editable?