Okay, excuse me for using this forum as my soapbox today. Special apologies to those under 18 and non-U.S. citizens as this will be somewhat irrelevant to you.

Just wanted to say I hope you all plan to vote even if, no, especially if, you don't particularly like either of the main candidates. There are several "Third Party" candidates to choose from this year and you can find info on most of them and their parties on the Internet, so do a little research. It won't kill you. And you may find that one or two of them are addressing issues you think need more attention. And if you are voting for a third party, in some ways your single vote could have more of an effect than a single vote for one of the major candidates. True, we will almost certainly see either Bush or Gore in the White House next year, but the more votes a third party receives, the more seriously they and their issues are taken. Also, if they receive a certain percentage of the votes (5% I believe), they qualify for matching funds in the next election. So maybe we won't see a party other than the Republicans and Democrats rise to great heights of power this election, but I plan to be around for a while, and I am looking at the long-term.

Okay, I'm done ranting. I promise, no more soapbox speeches today.