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Im looking for ways to gather likes for my Facebook page.
Any easy way to get more FB like for my facebook page???
Is your goal to just get likes or to generate actual interaction and potentially sales? There's no perfect short term strategy. The best long term strategy is ALWAYS to spend a lot of time and effort creating high quality content that people want to share on their own. That is a strategy that always works, even though it takes a lot of energy and might take a while to accomplish.

Does buying likes work in the short term?

Yes and no, it depends entirely on context. If you're a new business, you probably don't have a lot of money to promote yourself and get lots of search or display ads. You're probably going to make a few initial blog posts and ask your friends and family to like your Facebook page. But all that just gets you at most a relative handful of likes. Then when somebody visits your page they're going to see you have few likes and use that as a filter to internally say that you're not worth their time of day. So in this kind of situation, buying a few likes merely to enhance public perception is something that can boost conversion rates. I think that you have to be careful about where you get these likes from though, there are hundreds of companies listed at BuyFacebookFansReviews that do nothing but promote Facebook or Twitter pages but there's a lot of problems with a large number of these services. So if you're planning on buying fans, I don't think that alone can enhance your business to a large degree. But the public perception that an increased fan count brings could be something that gives an early stage company a substantial boost and I think looking at it that way is wiser than immediately dismissing it or viewing it as a cure-all.

But truthfully, you should probably be looking at a longer term strategy that involves creating good content. That's always guaranteed to work.