i am struggling to find a solution about how to form a specific select statement. I have a table with 3 columns and the values bellow:

id  |  name   |  gender
 1 |  John    |   M
 2 |  Andrew  |   M
 3 |  Peter   |   M
 4 |  Kim     |   W
 5 |  Mary    |   W
 6 |  Tim     |   M
I wish to select them in a way that after a Male (M) comes a Girl (W) and then again a Male (M) etc and then, when there are no other W the remaining data in any order ... something like: John (M), Kim(W), Andrew(M), Mary(W), Peter (M), Tim(M). I know i could load them via php into a table and do this, but the db table is huge and this would take up proccess time.

Is there a way to do this in pure MySQL as Select statement?