OK finally after a bit of confusion I have this up and running on my server

but it does not seem to work.. I have used the admin interface toadd a client and have inputted the banner url and specified 30 days...

It also tells me I must include the following files in each page I want the banners to be displayed..


At the moment as I have a launch notifiaction page up and all my site is in a folder called test there is not much point in setting the whole thing up.. But I wanna test it on one page

So I have included the folowwing where my banner should go..

<!--#include file="../phpAds/config.inc.php3">
<!--#include file="../phpAds/view,inc.php2">
<!--#include file="../phpAds/acl.inc.php3">

Is this right ? Well, the banner is not being displayed and I can see the includes on my html on a view source..

As my folder is test, I have done the ../ to get it back to the root folder and then the path is correct..

Any ideas on why this does not work ? ?