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    which browsers to use to test?

    i'm an amateur who makes webpages for fun, so i dont have the resources pros do have; i do make oficial pages like the one i made to the public school i work for (, but besides that that's all - only personal/for fun stuff.
    Anyway i do apreciate a lot all the css compliant and related things.
    After reading a bit of these forums, i see you pros use a lot of testing material: mac's, windows and so on, lots of diferent browsers and resolutions and so on. My question is this: as an advice, and given i've no resources besides my winXP home pc, which browsers (and versions, of course) should i install to feel confortable about having tested in a solid amount of browsers? I heard there is out there some apps that simulate diferent browsers and os. Where can i find it, in case its worth?
    Thanks in advance

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    You can use Opera, Mozilla (which shares the code base for current versions of Netscape), and Internet Explorer as a start. If you'd like to see how your site looks in older Windows browsers, go to

    I also recommend you test your site on a Mac and a Linux machine if you can. Even though you may think that there aren't many Mac or Linux users, there are probably still more of them than there are Netscape/Windows or Opera/Windows users, so they do count as well. The good thing is that Mozilla/Netscape renders the same on all systems, regardless of whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux.

    Hope this advice helps!


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