Hello, I am trying to add some data to an ODBC database. (in this case Access). I have written a script that connects to Access. It seems to connect to the DB ok so there are no problems there, however it seems to have a problem with actually executing the query. What am I doing wrong here.

Before anyone says, why am I using access and not MySQL, this is just as a test, to see it connect to other databases. I know that this works well in MySql.

Here is the script. :

PHP Code:
<title>Address Book</title>

<center><form action"<?php echo("$PHP_SELF")?>" method="post">
First Name &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="firstname" size ="40"><br>
Last  Name &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" name="lastname" size ="40"><br>
email address <input type="text" name="email" size="40"><br>
Tel number <input type="text" name="tel" size="40"><br>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" name="submit" value="Submit!">


if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {

// decalre variables

$firstnametrim $_POST['firstname'] );
$lastname trim ($_POST['lastname']  );
$email trim ($_POST['email'] );
$tel   trim ($_POST['tel'] );


$firstname!="" && $lastname!="" && $email!="" && $tel!="") {

$conn odbc_connect ('address''''') or die( "Could    Not Connect to ODBC Database!" ); 
//$conn= mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "") or die("connection error");
 //   mysql_select_db("address", $conn) or die("Could not find database you specified ");
//$query ="INSERT into details VALUES('$firstname', '$lastname', '$email', '$tel')";
$query ="Insert into Details (firstname, lastname, email, tel) VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', $email','$tel')"

$result=mysql_query ($query) or die ("There has been a problem with executing the query.");


'Thankyou. The information you submitted, has been added to the database.';