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    Logo Design + Printing.


    Unfortunately I have to make this post short and sweet (as my time on the net is limited), so excuse my ignorance for not looking at any other posts before writing this one.

    A client which I had just finished a design for, brought up the idea of redesigning their business' logo. Well after they had thought about it, they are interested in me doing such a task for them.

    Unfortunately, I haven't had experience in any other imaging programs except for Photoshop. A friend suggested to me that Adobe Illustrator was the way to go as far as making logo's go. What programs should I be trying to acquire? Was Illustrator a good suggestion?

    Basically I want a program that allows me to scale up or down, without deteriorating the image's quality. Of course, being able to 'jazz' up the logo helps.

    For any programs you may suggest, are there any tutorials/links that will get me started creating a logo? I am familiar with PhotoShop, but I would assume a logo design program would vary significantly.

    Once I get to the stage of finishing the logo, I will obviously want to print the logo for different purposes. Specifically: shirts, cups, and stickers.

    How would I go about printing for such applications? I really don't know what questions to ask (because I have so many) so it might be more convenient to link me to some websites or articles that deal with such a task.

    I am sorry to seem so pushy, but unfortunately I did have to get this post done as quickly as possible.

    Anyways, thanks for reading, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    First off, yes you will want to create it in a vector program. Wether you use Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw. Illustrator would probably be easier for you, since you are already familliar with Adobe products, and the tools and layout are mostly consistent.

    As far as creating the logo, it is fine to create a base image you want in Potoshop and then redo it in vecrot format once you know what you are looking for. It can be quite daunting to start off in Illustrator when you have not used it and have no idea where to go with it.

    You can also use the pen tool in photoshop and export the paths to Illustrator. But don't be foold when you get noting when you open it. You will have to do a select all and add a stroke and/or fill to see the objects to begin with.

    Secondly, the printing; Contact a printer, as well a shops that do screen printing, they will most likely be he ones that will do the t-shirts and mugs etc... Anything that's not paper they will most likely end up doing. Most ofthese places are the same ones that you would go to, to get something stitched on a shirt or offer corporate materials such as engraved pens and other personalized effects.

    Most of them should be able to work with EPS files, but again, ask them before you choose one then find out you can't provide what they want. For instance, there is a print shop here that only takes Corel documents, needless to say we don't use them to supply our work.


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