This is driving me potty. I thought Apple products were supposed to be easy to use. I can programme in PHP etc. but I can't use my new iPod. Here's my problem:

This is starting from a factory reset iPod shuffle 4th gen.

I drag an audiobook (mp3 format) into iTunes (11.0.3 Mac). It goes into the Music section, but correctly grouped, that is all the audiobook files are under one square folder/icon. I click the audiobook's folder/icon, get info, and set Media Kind to audiobook. The audiobook gets moved from the Music library to the Books library. At this point if I click on the audiobook's square icon/folder and get info, the media type is still music. But if I select one of the actual audiobook's files, like track 3 or whatever, get info on that, it is labelled audiobook for the media type.

Then I drag that onto the iPod to copy it onto that. In iTunes, the audiobook gets put in a book library on the iPod.

I drag another file, a music file, so that there's something else on the iPod. I eject the iPod.

I listen to the audiobook, skip forward several tracks. Pause. Use the voice over button to switch playlists to all. Listen to the single music track a bit. Use the voice over button to switch to the audiobook and at that point it starts from the start of the audiobook - it's not remembered where I was up to.

God damn it! How to fix? Million pounds for correct answer (only joking). Thanks in advance (I tried asking on Apple's discussion forum and got nowhere)