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    if/then and setting properties....

    I apologize for posting what is probably a fairly simple questions for most of you.

    I'm trting to create a single button to mute and un-mute audio.

    My idea is to have a speaker icon on the stage, with a red circle and line through it over top. the volume would be set to 100 and the alpha of the circle-line (which is the button) set to 0.

    When the user clicks on the speaker (hitting the transparent button over top) the audio mutes and the button shows.

    I need to set the script on the button to check the alpha level and volume, and to set them from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0 as appropriate.

    I've been pouring through the ActionScript reference and can't find anything that accomodates this, and I don't know nearly enough to get what I need from the examples offered. (I didn't find anything in the help files about "volume" at all!).

    I assume that the button would need appropriate script to handle something like the following:

    if alpha of button = 0
    then set alpha of button to 100

    if alpha of button = 100
    then set alpha of button to 0

    if volume = 0
    then set volume to 100

    if volume = 100
    then set volume to 0

    Can anyone point me to a resource, or offer any assistance?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jeff Kenney

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    You're looking for the ternary operator (?:)
    myVolume = (_root.mySound.getVolume() == 0) ? 100 : 0;
    myAlpha = (_root.myButton._alpha == 0) ? 100 : 0;
    _root.myButton._alpha = myAlpha;

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    One other thing U can do is use the "tellTarget" option which'll make it all easier on U. U can get tutorials on tellTarget on any Flash site(like The Search Keys should be something like..."tellTarget Music"...
    To really look at what it looks like after putting it in U'r Flash movie, U can check out my site... The "play music" button changes 2 "stop music"...Visit my site @ (Intro & Site) or (Main Site: this is where the button is)
    Hope this helps!!
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