Hi there,

I have a client who is looking to start a higher-end ecommerce business and has provided the following specs - Does anyone know whether there is any platform that can provide all of the below along with extensive customisation to the front-end to provide a highly interactive UI?

- looking for a very high-quality, feature-rich website, for high-end technical products, that will scale and improve over the next few months and years.

- need a comprehensive EIT system, based on an Oracle database, to run the company. Everything from shopping cart functions to fulfillment, to customer relationship management to advertising and data mining.

- Our suppliers will do all of our order fulfillment, for now; and have an FTP site with all of the content that will go into the product pages for the website. They also have real-time inventory and pricing data there, all of which will be linked into our site.

- Initially around 1,000 products from 20 brands.

- the complete end-to-end web and IT system? An integrated database that does everything in our company (capture and facilitate all orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment, tracking, customer service, capture Google Adwords analytics downloads, data mining to pair up click-thrus with orders and improve our Adwords buys…)? I assume this is existing software that will be tailored to our specific needs.


Thanks in advance for any responses,