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    $PHP_SELF working funny

    I'm using this line in a script:
    PHP Code:
     printf("<a href=""\"%s\">Add a record</a><br /><br />",$PHP_SELF); 
    (note that Sitepoint is adding 2 quotes in my line (href=""). If I remove them when I edit this message they come back. I can't get rid of them, even if I uncheck Automatically parse URLs.)

    but when I click on the resulting line, it doesn't reload the current page. PHP_SELF is defined as the domain and the directory which contains the current page, but not the current page.

    i.e. it should be defined as http://localhost/lh/dhr.php, since that is the current page, but it is actually defined as
    http://localhost/lh. Why is that?
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