Hi friends,

I am using irresistible theme on my website lovepreetdeol.com

Can someone guide me for following modifications :

1. Just want to keep homepage as designed by developers and make all other pages to full width pages without any sidebar.

2. Want to change the flickr gallery on home page to my own gallery on "poetry" page

3. Want to put up my twitter updates in lifestream, but don't want to make a page named "lifestream" in my pages. All my updates can be read on home page lifestream box or link can be given redirecting on my twitter.

4. Make the background non-moving/static, because when i scroll down everything goes black.

5. Footer is not showing up in whole window from right to left in case of pages, it is only showing at centre in all pages other than homepage.

6. My posts are not going on blog page.

7. Posts shown under my writings are not linked to blog page and nor the "view archieves" option at bottom is navigating control to blog page.

I am not that tech savy, please help.