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    problem importing SQL file.

    I have made a db contains couple of tables,
    and some data on it, just because I wanted to have a backup of my db, I exported my db as SQL, using MYSQL Front, anyway, sometime ago acidentally while working with MysQl front, I deleted one table of my DB, now I want to use the exported data which is in SQL format to recover the lost data, But I can not find anyway to import the db, in MYSQL FRONT, and DB TOOL
    there is no option of importing the sql data in these two porgram I have, but I can open the file as query in these programs, but I don't know how to transfer the table structure and data to my db,
    I even tried to open the file using MS Access, but not successful.
    Anyone know how to do it?


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    I'm not familiar with Mysql-front but if you are able to cut and paste SQL queries into it then just copy everything out of the .sql file and put it in there.

    Do you have access to phpmyadmin?
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