Hi there,

I'm still relatively new to Flash, and it seems that trial and error may not prove to be the best teacher in the case of this software. Where as I have managed to gain a fundamental understanding of animation in flash even with masks, I cannot for the life of me get to grips with navigation and actionscripts.

In my movie I have three buttons for navigation which appear at the latter part of the movie. There purpose is for going forward to additional parts of the movie which do not play automatically. I dare say I have not created the movie in the best way.

None the less my problem is I want my button when pressed to take the viewer to frame 1300 of my movie and play, however when I use the following script which makes logical sense to me, the movie merely replays from frame 1.

on (press) {gotoAndPlay("1300");


Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong or at least guide me to a Flash scripting for dummies book