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    Red face HELP: speed of inserting LOTS of records(10,000,000) into mysql using php

    This is the table structure in mysql:
    create table test(
    a1 char,
    a2 char,
    a3 char,
    a4 char,
    a5 char,
    a6 char,
    a7 char,
    id unsigned int primary auto_increment);

    This is the php code to insert LOTS of records into the table:
    PHP Code:
    mysql_query("insert into test set a1=$a1,a2=$a2,a3=$a3,a4=$a4,a5=$a5,a6=$a6,a7=$a7")

    this code would take a very long time to finish inserting records and IIS gives a CGI Timeout Error. I'd like to know how I could solve this problem. I'll be thankful for your reply.
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