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    Are you a mobile developer? Is A/B testing a pain point for you?


    We are building Mobile A/B Testing Software - </snip>

    It will allow you to run A/B tests based on screen size, OS version etc.

    Can you please tell me what your major pain points are with mobile usability testing?

    Will love all of your help in this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajatgarg View Post
    Can you please tell me what your major pain points are with mobile usability testing?
    The biggest problem with mobile usability testing is that it is so variable – screen size, orientation, touch screen vs keypads vs keyboards, particularly different interpretations or levels of support for Javascript but also for CSS. There are so many devices out there that have slightly different quirks and features, and the field is constantly changing, so while you may be able to test for the majority of users, you can never test for almost all users, which you can much more easily with desktop browsers. And while mobile emulators for a PC may help, they rarely get everything right and they don't give you the interaction that you get with a mobile device, so they are a poor substitute for genuine testing.

    All of that is why my advice for anyone building a mobile site is: keep it as simple as you possibly can.

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    I would agree with Stevie D. Although mobile is an increasingly growing platform in terms of user base, there is too much pain in having to test it across every element you have to consider for every mobile platform. It is constantly changing and you will never really reach the majority of your target users.

    I would be interested in the development of the mobile split testing software though. I believe that should be helpful.

    In any case this might be helpful in building your software, here's a unique home page split test experiment:

    It talks about creating an engaging experience (asking questions) rather than just passive reading.

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