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    Introduction and Our Community Web Site


    I just recently registered after being a long time lurker on the SitePoint forums. So this post will also serve as my introduction.

    I am the webmaster for the QHS Alumni Association online community web site [site url in profile]. Our site has been onlline since November 1995 and over the past 7.5 years, the site has been redesigned 3 times. We try to keep the site simple in design (without a lot of bells and whistles) due to our visitors ranging from ages 17 to 97, with newbie to experience computer skills.

    Our site had done extremely well over the years. We now have over 6,000 registered alums, and average 50 new registrations per month. The past year statistics show that we are popular as we had over 650,000 page views in the past 12 months.

    The power of sending out a bi-weekly email newsletter has been successful in keeping our alumni coming back to the web site! Our newsletter subscription is just shy of 5,000.

    We are just now started working on soliciting sponsorships for the web site from our alumni, and we are seeing some great results thus far.

    We receive dozens of emails monthly suggesting ideas for the site. Now we are seriously looking at adding more bells and whistles to the site as well as possibly doing another redesign. So that leads me into the next area of my posting.

    The association computer committee has come up with a wish list of ideas for the web site. So I am posting some of those ideas here soliciting feedback, ideas, and answers. So I would appreciate your input. For any software / script suggestions, we would be receptive to having to pay for a script/software if it fits our needs. I already have done research on scripts and software on these topics. But it would be interesting to see if other software / scripts are available and to have individuals make recommendations on how they are using their scripts.

    We have already implemented a forum using phpBB. It has been slow going thus far, but activity is starting to pick up. We will continue promoting the forums on the web site as well as in our bi-weekly newsletter.

    Calendar: Allows a user to view calendar of events as well as a user to submit event information (reunions, meetings, local happenings, anniversaries etc). Allows user to expand the event to provide detail information on an event.

    Employment & Resumes: Allow an employer to post a job opening as well as allowing our alumns to post their resume to be viewed online.

    Classified Ads: I imagine that with the right program, we could have a help wanted section, but would still need some program to allow posting of resumes.

    Photo Gallery: allow alums to create a photo album and upload photos. We are going to encourage photos from their high school days, reunions and old photos of our city and events.

    The above are our short term goals we hope to implement this year. Any other ideas are welcomed. Our long term goals for 2004 is to fully implement a registered alumni database.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions and feedback. I hope this post will generate a lot of great ideas that can help others who are in the process of building their community sites.

    QHS Alumni Association
    Webmaster & Editor

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    Welcome to Sitepoint. Good luck with your site.
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