I have been trying to get the GuestPage (http://free.GuestPage.com) script to work a certain way for over 2 weeks with no success. I would like the "Sign and View" displays to appear as though they are on my web page, similar to the sites used as examples by GuestPage,

However, it is unclear to me (even after looking at FAQs and the help page on the site) how these Webmasters were able to place the "Sign and View" display as though they are on their web pages. All these pages are being served by GuestPage.

Please look at the GuestBook "sign in" page I created at,
I developed this from a sign page they provide fromthe site, complete with body tags and html tags.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS??? I would rather not place a "will be coming soon" or "under constuction" page where the GuestBook should be, just so I can go ahead and open the site.

Help somebody, anybody!!!!