So far so good; but I've figured out that I dont have the Flash skills just yet to get the fully flashed version of my website up. So til then, I'm going to develop my HTML based website first that will utilize 2 seperate flash movies that loads contents.

It's setup so that there's a main navigation at the top. Clicking the flash in there loads a file into an iframe (which the contents of that sub navigation are another flash file.) This file then loads (via a click) main content into the content iframe window.

The iframes are called subNav and mainContent respectively

How do I go about flash loading pages into iframes?

(on a side note), I was VERY suprised to see my VERY advanced table layout look perfectly similar in MSIE 6, NN 7, Mozilla 1.3 and Opera 7.1. The only problem it has so far is centering vertically with Mozilla and Opera.

Once I know how to load content into an iframe, I should be good to go til the site goes live. Which I'll post in the Site Review section when that time comes.