I'm currently working on a search engine for my website.
To allow people to search with multiple words I have written the following code:
PHP Code:
$keywords_sep explode(" "$keywords);    
$keywords_sep AS $keyword){     
$KeyQuery mysql_query("SELECT * FROM page WHERE (Keywords LIKE '%$keyword%') OR (Title LIKE '%$keyword%') ORDER BY Title"); 
Pretty straight forward. But I also want to allow the user to enter "'s so it can search for a exact match of a couple of words.

i.e. If you look for Higher Education, in the sample above it gives every page with Higher AND/OR Education. Maybe this user doesn't want to find a page about Kindergarden Education... but it will show up, because one of the keywords is in it.

Now, if someone is searching for Higher Education, he/she should / could add " to the search. i.e. "Higher Education".

Now my question is: How do I check in my search-variable for any occurance of a word between ""? And how do I get it in a separate variable?

Any help is appreciated!