I'm a little embarrassed to come here and ask for advice but I've got an issue with one of my employees constantly texting on her phone. This employee does a great job but I've got a problem with someone on payroll spending so much time with personal communications. I have pretty good interaction with this employee and try not to be too stern with things. I brought this cell phone issue up months ago when her job was on the line due to some completely unrelated issues. Since that point the other issues were fixed and she's turned out to be a good employee - except for the constantly glowing cell phone when I approach her about work.

How do others handle employee cell phones, instant messaging, etc.. in the office and how would you handle this situation?

My suggestion to this employee on our last discussion was to keep the cell phone in her purse / desk and check it once an hour - which I think is extremely fair considering some companies don't allow cell phones in the open at work.

Any advice is appreciated.