I have a table in my database that I use to store userid and propertyid values. I allow users to save properties they found in our public property search site. The problem is that I did not apply the constraint that would have kept them from saving the same property twice. So user 2234 could save property 45678 more than once. I can not apply the constrain now because it has already been violated. I need to clear all duplicate saves from the table. The table column structure is Userid, mlsnum, dateinserted. The unque constrain should have been applied to the userid and mlsnum columns. I have created a query to show me the offending records:
Select UserId, mlsnum
from saved_property
order by uerid, mlsnum
compute count(mlsnum) by userid, mlsnum
This shows records like so:

Userid MLSNum
700 124069

This shows me how many times a user saved any given property. The problem is that htis query kicks the crap out of my p-4, 512mb pc. It bombs out after showing a few thousend records. I need to restrict the records to only the people that have a cnt of 2 or more. Any ideas???