Good Afternoon

First of all, thank you in advance for your assistance.

A company I work for is splitting into two. Both companies will offer the same services, be in the same line of work.

So I just want to take advice on how to deal with the existing company website and emails.

The website is

The emails appear to be the easiest to deal with, I can simply forward the existing email addresses onto both new email addresses.

Is there a better or easier way of doing this?

The main piece of advice that I seek is how to deal with the website. I don't think that I can setup a redirect, as I would need to redirect to two websites.

So my understanding is that I will need to create a new page at which explains the situation and simply links off to the two different websites.

However, part of me thinks that there must be a better way of doing this. Would anyone be able to provide advice on how to deal with this process?

If this makes any difference, one of the companies will retain the existing business address, whilst the other will have a new address.

Thank you in advance again