I have a situation where a person arrives on a page having clicked a theme on the previous page, the problem I am having is when they click 'Latest Additions' which should show the last 10 entires in the database, but rather than showing the hotels, I need to show the countries associated with those hotels.

So I have this for starters -

PHP Code:
if ($selectCategory=="Latest Additions") {    
$r=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT(Id_Cntry), Nom_Cntry FROM tbl_countries LEFT JOIN tbl_hotels ON (tbl_countries.Id_Cntry=tbl_hotels.IdCntry_Hot) WHERE (tbl_hotels.Act_Hot='1') ORDER BY tbl_countries.Nom_Cntry");

It works fine in that it outputs all the countries, but what I need is to use this too -

PHP Code:
$r=mysql_query("Select * from tbl_hotels WHERE Act_Hot=1 ORDER ORDER by tbl_hotels.Id_Hot LIMIT 0,10 DESC"); 
So basically I 'select' the countries associated with the hotels limited by 10 and order by Nom_Cntry.

Can you see my problem, I need to limit the hotels to 10 and show the countries associated with it, rather than limit the countries to 10.