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    Problem with motion tween using 2 large graphics


    I have created a motion tween and had to use 2 graphics because 1 graphic was giving me an error in Flash.
    I would like the 2nd graphic to start right at the end of the 1st graphic.

    Now I'm having problems starting the 2nd graphic at the end of the 1st graphic.

    I am a newbie and just can't figure this out.

    Also, I don't want this to loop, just play once and stop


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    I think it would be easier for you to create a new movie symbol using both images. Place the second image to the immediate right of the first. That way you can just tween the new symbol and not have to think about where or when second image starts. And the speed will be the same.

    You can stop it looping by putting a stop(); script in your last frame.

    Make sure your placed images have "whole" pixel x and y co-ordinates, otherwise they will seem blurry.

    Hope that helps.


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