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One of my most hated things when working with a library/software is to have to modify its source code or extend something from it on the FIRST day I'm using it.
You don't have to modify the source. SimpleTest is designed to be extensible exactly because I cannot see all possible uses for the tool. It is a framework after all, from which you develop your in-house testing. An example tool extension would be Arbiter (on SF).

To add exception support you need to subclass SimpleInvokerDecorator and add an assertException() method to the test case and finally override createInvoker() to wrap it in your new decorator. About a dozen lines of code all told. Because the innards of the tool are subject to change, this is not currently documented. You will have to read the source code and work it out. In particular, PHP4 errors are trapped that way.

Right now, I don't want to make major forks for PHP5 specific code due to lack of resources and anyway, PHP5 is installed on at most about 3% of live servers.

yours, Marcus