Good day everyone,

We're from Malaysia and starting a portal of best deals. The website we're going to run is not exactly ethical in the sense where our portal will run cron jobs every night to aggregates/crawl different source to extract best deals/listings and post them on our website.

Our website will only post summary information of the extracted contents, when they click on it they will be brought back to the original source.

We did not get permission on the sources we're crawling but will immediately stop it if there is any complains. We're in a way redirecting more traffic to the source so it's a good thing, if they don't mind.

I think we shouldn't get a hosting company based in Malaysia in case of any legal issues. Anyone can recommend us a good asia hosting company that could support our website idea? Our target audience is in Malaysia only so would like a company nearby for optimum speed

We certainly don't want a hosting company that shuts us down at the first sign of trouble.