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    Lightbulb table/graphic issue...

    Hi all,
    im having a, what i think is a, major problem. Ok, after I sliced from fireworks a template, i exported it. Then, i imported it on Dreamweaver. Everything was showing nicely, no problems. As soon as I deleted one image, and placed a "fireworks html" nav bar ( same size both image ), theres a problem. Here's the problem:

    This image will explain you everything as for the problem. Please, help me... Maybe it has something to do with "border". I really don't know.
    I just managed to solve the problem. It was a spacer color problem. It may help you if u have the same problem, just think of SPACER

    another question: Lets say graphic 1: header ( size: 799x200 ), a static graphic.
    and graphic 2: header ( SAME SIZE ), but animated with 4 frames ( fireworks ), and some minor changes when you compare the animation and the static one. ( just some text that moves... ).

    Which one will load faster ? ( which will have the bigger size as for memory ) ?
    and why ?thanks a lot !
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