I'm still very new to using arrays. Looking through the PHP documentation I see how one can advance and rewind the array pointer using the next() and prev() functions.

But I can't find documentation on how to change the internal pointer to a specific position?? I tried the array_search() for the longest time, attempting to seach for the image name and produce the key, but I just couldn't pull it off.

I have wasted way too much time on this problem so now I come begging for help.

Lets say I have an array like:

0 - image1.jpg
1 - image2.jpg
2 - image3.jpg
3 - image4.jpg
4 - image5.jpg
5 - image6.jpg

how can i get the pointer to jump to the internal pointer 3 when it is currently at 0? I would like to set the array's internal pointer using a value stored in a url parameter which is my case is $a.

any ideas?