I am a web professional; I am putting in new webserver(s)for my company. The product we offer utilizes a webserver very heavily, unfortunately I don't know how heavily yet. The transaction is simple our app make a bunch of CGI calls to a server but minimal data is returned other than a small http header. The server is not doing anything other than receiving those little cgi calls. If the numbers are correct I might receive a ton of little transactions. I have decided to attack this problem from the other side of the equation.

The webserver is a dell power web 100. It is pretty cool because it is a fully functional server with in the size of a pizza box. It is connected to my collocation so it has a very fast connection to the Internet backbone. I am running apache on a Linux 2.2 kernel, with sw raid between two u160 drives. How many transactions CGI or otherwise can the machine handle? Of course dell didn't know. Take you average pc with a webserver on it how many can it handle? Is there an equation that I could run to get an idea? Any Ideas on where to look? URLs? I can't be the only one to ask this question.